Irish Crone is a tribute to Ireland, a place where the very culture of knitting, carding, hand spinning, and of evolved stitches and weaving became a passion. It was developed by local craftswomen, usually the Grandmothers, spinning and knitting outside their cottages in the summer and in front of the fireplace during the long Irish winters.

Our mission is to wed this traditional crafting and expertise with the exquisite taste, spirit and innovation of Italian style.

We are most proud that, in every one of our pieces, we interweave the excellence of our yarns with the expertise of our artisans.


Our idea of knitwear is contemporary but founded on solid roots. For us, the Past is a reference point for technique and language which we use as raw material.

We take it apart, elaborate and put it back together again with the finest taste, sometimes to provoke, but always to breathe new energy into the most iconic pieces in our collective vision.

Our inspiration? The ’60s, ’70s and 80’s. Their bedrock of innovation, rule breaking and hope for a better future. These values guide us to shape our Present through respect, sustainability and harmony with nature.


Our experience and expertise is our guiding light in all our manufacturing and style choices. We integrate traditional techniques with the most cutting edge innovations, alternating between restored antique looms and the very latest Japanese electronic knitting machines.

Our master craftspeople teach the new apprentices the old techniques: knowledge interweaves, embeds and is implemented to create a state-of-the-art vision which constantly drives us to be original and authentic.


The safety and respect of our colleagues, of the land and of the work done for us – these are not just noble ideals but real actionable beliefs which guide us in how we operate as a business.


Most of our manufacturing is done in our own factories. Work commissioned externally is done exclusively in workshops which guarantee fair pay, contributions and legal working hours.

Raw Materials

The raw materials we use are produced in Italy following all European antipollution normes. Our commitment is to choose the most natural yarns of the finest quality produced using processes certified by the regulatory authorities.

For some pieces which, for their lasting qualities and peeling resistance, require yarns made of mixed components we use mainly recycled synthetics


We distinguish ourselves through our choice of yarns, weaves and sewing techniques, our careful selection of washing products, accessories and of course, style: everything contributes to building the quality and ethics which distinguish us.

We want our clothes to last in time – our choices are not just a question of style but made to avoid waste, conserve raw materials and reduce energy.

In other words, for us, delivering quality means producing something unique and beautiful, creating a personal style, with no reference to ‘trends’ whilst also protecting the environment.

Let’s improve our spatial environment


We use antique looms and ultramodern knitting machines, high performance computer systems and futuristic graphic programs.

However, it’s the people who work with us who are at the centre of everything. It is their savoir-faire, even with the imperfections, which makes every one of our pieces unique.


For us, colour expresses energy, strength, harmony and sensitivity.

To consciously mix colours and their combinations is one of the focal points of our design.

Our iconic pieces are offered in vast color ranges, with up to 28 colour options.

We like to think that every one of our clients can match our pullovers with their individual moods.